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Amazing Cycling in Paso Robles.

Cycling Destination.

Some of the best riding anywhere in the country can be found right here in Paso Robles and the surrounding areas. There are many wonderful climbs, twisting descents and amazing vistas. Road surface tends to be a little rough so something like a 700X28 is a good starting point. There is quite a bit of gravel around that is super fun to ride also. I have linked a Strava routes page here and on the website but have screen shot a couple below for you to get an idea.

Riding from the RV Ranch.

It is certainly possible to ride from the Ranch but is a little challenging to get to town thanks to the highway and river. It all depends on your comfort around cars so plan accordingly. To ride downtown from the Ranch take a right out of the park, go to the end of the Exline road, and then onto Highway 101 shoulder for less than a mile. Get off at the Spring Street Exit. It is not for the faint of heart but doable. The shoulder is wide and mostly clean but hug the right side. Coming back from downtown is easier as you are only on the highway for about a quarter mile at most. You ride up on the OnRamp with a wide shoulder for .8 km. You merge with the highway, then Dive off onto Monterey road which parallels the highway. Follow for about a mile and then cross back over the highway onto Exline Road and the park entrance. It is impossible to do this backward to go downtown, unfortunately.

Obviously, any riding you do is at your own risk and this is only to explain how Sam and Bill do it. Sam usually drives the car and parks downtown and Bill rides from the Park. There are plenty of quiet, safe spots to park your car downtown and ride from there. Coffee, boboa or a meal post ride is a must! Sam also drives to San Miguel to start our favorite "Hog Canyon" ride as she is really not a fan of riding on the highway. There is a great Burritto spot just across from the Gas station we like to frequent. Don't forget the Chips and Guacamole.

Get ready to Climb.

Also of note, there are hardly any flat rides around here so be prepared to climb. About 1000 feet per 10 miles is our average. The hog canyon route has less but it is gradual so it sneaks up on you. Still 1800 feet of elevation for 28 miles.

Make sure you are self-sufficient and not relying on your cell phone for rescue as many of the canyons and low areas in between climbs loose cell service just a couple miles out of town.


There is a wonderful Vintage Bike Ride here that happens once a year. If you have an old bike or a gravel bike I can't recommend it enough. Most importantly, the course they have is a wonderful, super-challenging ride and worth the effort.

Local Bike Shop.

If you need any help with your bike during your stay please visit the KMan Bike Shop downtown as their service is excellent and they will most likely have whatever you need.

Be Safe out there and enjoy the ride.


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