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Ranch Policies and Rules

Please read the information below concerning our reservation, cancellation, and RV Park Policies.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE POLICY. Please read below. 


$81 dollars a night. $73.70 with valid GoodSam# or Military Discount.

48 hour cancellation policy. call 805•237•8685

Please call and talk to our wonderful manager or staff about any unforeseen issues. 

Electric Vehicles will be charged a $10 a day surcharge*



We have 56 combed gravel spaces with full hookups. 30 and 50 amp. We can accommodate vans and rigs as long as 60'.  The Park has a mix of Back-In spaces around the perimeter and Pull-Throughs spaces in the center. We will do our best to fit you in the space most appropriate for your Rig and driving needs. We try to guarantee spaces but placement is at the discretion of the manager on site.   


Office hours are 9-5 every day but Sunday, which is 9-4. Please click on one of the many links on the website to request a reservation or give us a call at 805•237•8685.  


Arrival @ 1:00pm 
Departure @ 11:00am

Upon Arrival, Please stop at the front office and look for your "Welcoming Packet" taped to the window. It will contain all the information you need for the park, access codes, wifi passwords and rules. It will also contain a credit card receipt and details of your stay. Check to make sure all information is accurate and please come to the office with any questions or corrections. You do not need to checkout at the office.

Pet Policy

We love all creatures big and small BUT, we have to have some rules so everyone's stay is enjoyable.  

*All Dogs must remain on a leash at all times.

"They are friendly, they won't bite." Is not part of our Ranch policy.*

• Clean up the Poo folks. There are bags available at the Poo Pen. Take an extra to have on hand. 

•No Pitbulls, Fighting or Aggressive Breeds. (sorry, those are the rules.)

•Absolutely no pets in the pool area.

•Barking dogs left in camper alone are grounds for ejection.


Is it late and you need to get off the road?

Find an Empty spot

One without an Orange Cone

Please Come on in and find a spot. Cones are in sites for registered late arrivals. Come by the office in the morning and we will take care of you.  Please fill out the form that the link below takes you to so we know who you are. Our security team appreciates it also. 

Rules and Policies

Quiet Hours from 10pm-7:00am. Outside and Inside

Be courteous to your neighbors on all sides with your outdoor television.

If they don't have a license they can't drive it.

All vehicles must have current registration

No Automotive Repairs or Vehicle Washing in the Park

No Appliances outdoors

Please observe a 5mph speed limit in the park.

Rates are based on 2 Adults and up to 6 Children

$10 dollars a day per extra person.

Parking is limited to your site only

Tow vehicle must be present for all trailers. No drop offs.

Please keep site as clean and neat as possible and within bounds

Put cigarette butts in a disposable container and not on the ground. 

We reserve the right to expel any campers not abiding to park rules.

Management reserves the right to change any rules we deem necessary 

No offensive activties or Language are acceptable anywhere in the Ranch

We water grass sites in the morning. Please be aware that personal items may get wet

Do not use Formaldehyde based chemicals in your RV's septic system

Pool Hours are listed on Gate and Open seasonally as listed.

Follow all Rules that are on the sign in the Pool area.

No Pets in Pool area.

Fire Pits are allowed on the stones. Unfortunately,  you need to bring your own.

Ice is available at the Office for $3.50 a bag.

Please pick up after your Dogs. We all appreciate it. Bags are available at the dog run and the office.

* This is a new policy after observing electric meter costs at previous sites where electric cars have been plugged in. Talk to the manager if you have concerns.

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